[][src]Struct gxi::pref_storage::XiConfig

pub struct XiConfig {
    pub tab_size: u32,
    pub translate_tabs_to_spaces: bool,
    pub use_tab_stops: bool,
    pub plugin_search_path: Vec<String>,
    pub font_face: String,
    pub font_size: u32,
    pub auto_indent: bool,
    pub scroll_past_end: bool,
    pub wrap_width: u32,
    pub word_wrap: bool,
    pub autodetect_whitespace: bool,
    pub line_ending: String,
    pub surrounding_pairs: Vec<Vec<String>>,
    pub save_with_newline: bool,

For stuff that goes into preferences.xiconfig


tab_size: u32translate_tabs_to_spaces: booluse_tab_stops: boolplugin_search_path: Vec<String>font_face: Stringfont_size: u32auto_indent: boolscroll_past_end: boolwrap_width: u32word_wrap: boolautodetect_whitespace: boolline_ending: Stringsurrounding_pairs: Vec<Vec<String>>save_with_newline: bool

Trait Implementations

impl Default for XiConfig[src]

impl Debug for XiConfig[src]

impl Serialize for XiConfig[src]

impl<'de> Deserialize<'de> for XiConfig where
    XiConfig: Default

fn deserialize_in_place<D>(
    deserializer: D,
    place: &mut Self
) -> Result<(), <D as Deserializer<'de>>::Error> where
    D: Deserializer<'de>, 

Deserializes a value into self from the given Deserializer. Read more

Auto Trait Implementations

impl Send for XiConfig

impl Sync for XiConfig

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